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My partner and I were searching for a pub for a Sunday afternoon lunch when we happened past The Waterloo Hotel not a couple of hours ago.

We wandered in out of the rain and were seated in a vibrant dining area amongst many happy, noisy patrons. Always a good sign. ; )

We were served by a lovely, efficient and SMILEY lady - it's becoming rare to get a real smile from service staff, but this lady was warm and welcoming in the best of ways.

We started with an Asahi and a GnT - my first comment - 'lovely glassware'.

The menu was a good size ranging from starters (with a special rate on ordering 3 in one sitting), light meals, main meals (pizzas, pastas, fish, and a few vego options) plus a reasonable dessert menu.

We opted for the steak sandwich (him) and the Peking Duck pizza (me). As expected, the pizza was HUGE - way too big for me to eat alone.

It would have been at least 40cm in diameter, and consisted of a lovely crispy base topped with beautiful succulent minced duck, leek, just the right amount of stringy cheese and drizzled with plum sauce. It was dotted with big chunks of red chilli, complete with seed, so I set my entirely-spice-deficient-self the task of removing it all before beginning. I'm sure the chef would have loved seeing that. :P

We received exceptional service, and were always well looked after by the various staff. Our bill was bought to the table promptly, and drinks only took moments to arrive despite the fact that they were almost packed out.

We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere but were a little confused with the jarring wallpapers and random finished on the bar.. Being an Interior Designer I tend to notice these things more than most (and I can be a lot more picky than most!).

All in all the space was comfortable and really gave a welcoming but polished feel. The menu was good as was the variety of dishes, and I was impressed with the prices (pizza was $21).

The Hotel can comfortably seat large groups and can be treated as a slightly up-market pub.

I highly recommend paying them a visit!

Waterloo Hotel
Ann St & Commercial Rd, QLD 4006
Train: Fortitude Valley
Open Daily 8am-11pm
(07) 3719 4100

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Jan. 9th, 2011 06:46 am (UTC)
Excellent review - the description of the pizza makes my mouth water!

Did it still taste of chillies? I think I would ask for no chillies on mine - I do not do spicy food.


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