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Brisbane Eats!

I have been given the task of organising a five star function. I was wondering where you thought the best venues for 200+ people in the CBD were? Restaurants I could hire out that were fabulous?

With a bar, but I think that kind of goes without saying.

Just as a side note, thanks to this community I've found some exceptionally good places to eat and I just wanted to say thank you!


Hi guys!

Friend of mine who doesn't drink beer/wine much is interested in trying out ciders/perrys and would like to know where's a good dine-in place with a decent selection.

I drink ciders myself but usually buy the bottles from Dan Murphy's etc (think Pipsqueak; French-styles like Pommeau; Lobo; Dickens...) as from my own experience have only ever found Strongbow (derp) stocked in pubs and bistros.

Woudl Archives in West End have them?  Haven't been there yet so wouldn't really know...

Thanks guys ^_^
Voting is now open for map magazine's Eat/Drink Awards for 2010/11. With plenty of favourites nominated, you can vote for your favourite new bar, your favourite established restaurant and more. PLUS, go in the draw to win a Yalumba prize pack.

Gold coast dining recommendations?

Good morning Brisbane Eats :)

I'd like to ask for some recommendations for Gold Coast dining venues.

Work is having its annual conference in late November and I have been entrusted with the daunting task of finding a restaurant for a whole bunch of academics (who no doubt enjoy the finer things!) in a city I have visited a total of 3 times in my entire life and have never dined in!

Basically - looking for something that will easily cater to a group of 20 with a menu to suit all palates. Away from the Cavill Ave mall and schoolies if possible.

All suggestions welcome - and of course the restaurant will get a write up eventually!

Thanks muchly in advance!

Upcoming cultural festivals!

With Brisbane Festival starting this past weekend, there are plenty of community festivals coming up over the next few weeks - here are a few offering delicious foods!

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Brisbane Supper Club

Finally, my fiancée and I made it to the Brisbane Supper Club for a test drink last night. I'd read the hype, we'd encountered the site, and the desire to investigate had grown. So we trundled off to 471 Adelaide (entry via Macrossan St, beneath Ciccio's Pasta Bar) to explore the 'really existing' tastes.

Once you descend the stairs you are greeted to a very simple basement refit: polished concrete floors, several wonderful leather lounge and stool setups to the right, low ceilings, and a long wall with four or five shelves of, to quote the fellow working last night, "unique wines that you won't find at Dan Murphy's." The venue had a strangely inviting warmth, and it's the sort of space that I personally prefer to the at times cavernous Clovely venue in Red Hill that has a similar wine-tasting function (although the latter has wildly more interesting food).  Unfortunately, last night the owner wasn't around and his fill in wasn't very conscious of the twists and turns of wines. But he was friendly enough, so off we went.

Upon arrival we both picked a glass of a Kilikanoon 2007 "The Medley" GSM (-10 points for the name) that sourced its grapes from both the Barossa and the Clare valleys. Normally, I am loathe to indulge in GSMs because the M component, mourvérde, can exhibit some foul 'earthy underbrush' notes that my palette doesn't find appealing. But this GSM officially restored my faith in the blend. It was an extremely balanced wine, and the large burgundian glassware that it came in helped it to breath and gradually unfold some wonderful sweet pepper notes (probably due to our good friends grenache and shiraz).

But what's a good wine without some tasty morsels to accompany it? The menu at the BSC is simple tapas, very simple tapas, and cheese–all reasonably priced. We were off to eat some good Italian later though so we didn't want to stuff ourselves. In the end, we ordered a bruschetta (it came as 2 serves), but you could quite easily have ordered any number of vegetarian or sausage-based tapas dishes (hooray for pork + fennel sausage joy!). This is probably the fault of knowing how easy it is to make a good bruschetta and tweak it to one's own tastes, and largely because I like my tomatoes to be peeled before they're finely diced, but I found the bruschetta was good but not great. The concasse was fine, the basil wasn't too sweet, the olive oil was nice and light, the bread was wonderfully crisp, but it just lacked that certain amount of zing that a twist of lime juice or grind of black pepper can bring to a bruschetta to make it grand.

After the GSM I switched to a Parker 2006 Favourite Son Shiraz from Coonawarra, the only shiraz by the glass at the time. Now, and this may be new news for the uninformed, 2006 was an awful year for vineyards in south eastern Australia. The bizarrely wet and then incredibly hot weather upped the acid content of the grapes by depriving them of moisture, resulting in a lot of red wines that taste of the 'heat' of overextraction (Peter Lehmann's The Gate varietal blend being a particularly vivid example) and white wines that have a pungent leatherette flavour. If you want an easy example of these awful flavours, leave a bottle of wine in direct sunlight for a few days and then try to drink it -- but do so at your own risk.* Sadly, this Parker shiraz went through some blue cheese notes and then *wham* the heat of overextraction. The fellow serving us was nice enough to swap the 2006 Parker for a Three Brothers 2008 Shiraz at no extra charge. This shiraz was wonderful and exhibited cool berry notes; and it was much, much nicer comparatively.

It wasn't a bustling venue, and we seemed to be the only people in there for a long time. But it was midweek, and it was a wine bar and fine wine distributor. If you look to by red or white from here, be willing to pay $40+ per bottle (cheaper to take-away than have there). Most of the champagnes were French and came in around $90-$110, which was a bit of a price deterrent for us on this particular night. There was also a good selection of mid-range whiskeys, vodkas, and other spirits for sale. I was particularly pleased to see my favourite 'gentle spirit, Dalwhinney 15 yr, holding pride of place on the mantel behind the counter.

There's a tasting starting at 6.30pm on Wednesday the 25th of August and I'm seriously considering it because, judging by the collection that's there, I think these guys know what they want from their selection and they pull it off with style, even if it has a few bumps in the execution.

* wine makers have a crazy amount of tricks to subdue this characteristic at a molecular level during fermentation, but it still slips through at times.

GCI Food Summit - 28th September

Time: September 28, 2010 from 5:30pm to 8pm
Location: Long Room, Customs House
Organized By: Global Change Institute Uni. of Qld.

Event Description:
Currently over one billion people worldwide are chronically hungry. Paradoxically, an additional one billion are overweight – a significant problem in itself. In terms of volume, there is sufficient food to feed the 6.8 billion people on the planet.

The problem is that food is not evenly distributed – and for obvious reasons. The majority of the world’s poor live in developing countries and do not have the purchasing power to buy from the global food marketplace.

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Valley Fiesta - Yum Cha Sunday!

Although the Valley Fiesta has been super-slow in getting up and running (it's still not live!); they recently released the first lineup and some of the programs running... like Yum Cha Sunday!

Unfortunately, this is all the info I have at the moment, I'll update this post as I hear more:
On the last day of Valley Fiesta (12 Sep), head to Chinatown Mall for Yum Cha Sunday. The restaurants of the Valley unite to serve Brisbane a huge outdoor feast. Bring your appetite.

brisbane_eats meetup??
I have been a busy little beaver and designed and had printed up some beautiful little business cards for our community. The idea is to leave one of these babies with your bill once you've completed your meal at any eating establishment around Brisbane or surrounding areas. Hopefully this will drive some readership traffic to the site, and will be an indirect way of give the owners of the establishments we review some feedback about our experiences.

I would like to put the call out to anybody who would like a stack of these to start spreading around our fair city (and surrounds). I can post a pack of 10 in a standard envelope, if you would like more I'm sure I can arrange for that too.

Please leave a comment with the following details should you be interested in receiving some cards;

  • Email address (so I can obtain postal details)

  • Amount of cards you would like

At this stage I'm happy to offer these as a complimentary bonus for being an early active member of the community. This may change as our readership grows, but rest assured the price of the cards will always be fair and as low as possible.

Max Brenner - finally arrives in Brisvegas

OMG YOU GUISE MAX BRENNER IS OPENING HERE IN SOUTHBANK! As posted on Brisneyland, the Max Brenner website claims the Southbank location is "coming soon".

I have been a Brenner devotee for many years, and coming from Melbourne I had a lot of choice when it came to visiting the bald chocolate man. To say I'm excited for him to open a store in Brisbane is an understatement. I will be trekking there monthly, if I can manage it. Oh how I have longed for a sukao! /Falls over


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