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O'Reillys Restaurant - Lamington Plateau

 I am dissapointed to be posting this review - I had been looking forward to having an excellent dining experience after a long days hiking in Lamington NP, as much as I had been looking forward to going back to camp happily sated with rave reviews of the food and service.

Like I said - I am dissapointed to have to post such a dissapointing review :(

My partner and I, along with two friends, had a booking for 7pm on a saturday night. The restaurant was busy and we were promptly ushered to our corner table and given menus. Our waiter was quite rushed - visibly so. After about 10 minutes our drinks and meal order was taken. 

The menu is varied and has something to suit everyones tastes, including 3 mains for vegetarians. There is a pizza menu and a delicious looking desert menu as well as a large selection of local and not so local beers and wines.

I ordered a greek salad as an entree, my partner the tomato, basil and bocconcini tart whilst our friends ordered a plate of fresh baked breads for 2. The breads and tart came out 5 minutes later -  before our wine had even arrived. After a further10 minutes of waiting for someone to come past to get their attention we finally managed to ask where our wine and my salad were. They arrived within 2 minutes.

We had ordered a shiraz from the O'Reillys vineyards which was quite young and fresh and very easy to drink. The boys ordered a cider each - one which came out immediately in a glass with a small bottle, the other which came out 10 with the wine and was a pear cider in a large bottle with a glass... the waiter exclaiming "I dont know why I brought out the pear cider but there you go..." 

The breads for 2 consisted of 3 flavoured baked dinner buns with a pot of garlic butter and a dippning bowl of olive oil/balsamic. They smelt great but looked a little on the small side. My partners tart looked and tasted like it was fresh out of the microwave and placed on a matt of rocket.  The unfashionably late greek salad was huge and delicious, with plentry of aged fetta, onions and oregano.

10 minutes later another waiter - two of the mains arrived along with another greek salad - which we promptly sent back saying that I had already received one, much to the annoyance of the new waiter. We had to ask for additional cutlery to replace the cutlery which was taken away when they cleared the entree dishes.

The first mains to arrive were Roast pork on mash with apple sauce and a Roast Chicken with vegetables and mushroom duxelle (sauce). The pork was a large serving and looked very well presented - our friend said it was delicious, flavoursome and tender. The Roast chicken was a small portion of thigh, well roasted on a small bed of diced vegetables with a small amount of mushroom sauce and a huge sprig of thyme as garnish - reports were that the chicken was well cooked and very tasty but the serving size was well below par when compared to the pork - They ended up sharing some of the mash over the table.

Mine and my partners mains finally arrived about 5 minutes later. My partner had ordered a Palak paneer with naan whilst I ordered a Roast pumpkin and blue cheese risotto with roasted lemon. We were both sorely dissapointed.

The Palak paneer came out in a tureen with 4 slices of naan bread which can be bought at your local supermarket. The curry itself was closer to a soup than a curry and was almost impossible to eat without rice or a spoon - as the curry would not sit on the peices of bread offered. about 20 minutes into the meal, with a mess all over the table, my partner asked our waiter for a spoon. The flavour of the curry was very good, even if the texture was severley liquid.
My risotto was of a normal restaurant sized serve, with half a roasted lemon on the side and looked delicious. Pity it was not. The blue cheese was completely absent and the pumpkin was not roasted. It was flavourless even after liberal dashings of salt and pepper. Forgetting to add one of the most important ingredients in a dish - i was not impressed.

After this rather expensive, dissapointing meal we decided to forego dessert and go back to camp for a few more glasses of wine. 
We thanked our waiter who was tireless with his excellent service even when rushed off his feet - however the lady on the till was extremely rude to him when we commented on how good his service was.

I am hoping it was just a busy night and they were short-staffed, but I dont think I will be forking out that much money in the future to see if that was the case.


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Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:49 am (UTC)
Oh, how disappointing! Reading the names of the dishes you were both ordering had me all excited, but I was sorely deflated. Who wants runny soup like curry and naan from Woolies? Bleh.

Wonderful, informative review though! Thanks so much. : )
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