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Recommendations and reviews of food + drink in Brisbane

Welcome to Brisbane Eats

Post your reviews and recommendations about cafes, restaurants, bars and fresh markets around Brisbane + surrounds here!

Hankering for a burger, but don't know where to find one? Need a sushi restaurant for a party of 25? Maybe you had the greatest cocktail of your life last night or have just found the deli with the best cheese in Brisbane. Post here and share/find some foodie knowledge! We strongly support local businesses, and hope that you do too.

Community rules

What should I post?

Anything, as long as you can eat or drink it anywhere from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast! Although most members will be from Brisbane, it's nice to get out of the city every once in a while.
If you dig a stall-holder at your local farmer's market, tell us why. If you're looking for a specific brand of salami, or a certain brand of beverage, ask about it here. If you just had the best meal of your life, or a well-mixed cocktail, tell us! We love finding out about new businesses, as well as food festivals/expos around South-East QLD - please fill us in if there is one coming up.
Please remember to make your posts public to view - even people who don't have LJ enjoy good food ^_^
Do not post links to your personal blogs without a review, and do not delete comments on your posts. If you do wish to add a link to your blog with an extended review, it would be appreciated if you could link back to brisbane_eats in return. We send readers your way, you send readers to us.

Spam + promotions

Spam will not be tolerated. If you own/work at a restaurant or bar, you are welcome to post specials/promotions - within reason. If you want to post about your $5 pizzas, that's cool - people love $5 pizza! But no multiple posts will be accepted. If you're posting specials, they must be new on each post - we don't need to read about your $5 pizza every second day. It will be in the tags.
You may only promote your business if it is within Brisbane, and your promotion relates to food.
You may NOT promote your large corporation. I don't care if Coles or Woolies has a special on milk. If we want to know about that, we'll check through the metric ton of junk mail we get. Same goes for chain stores that are ruining local cafe culture [e.g. Coffee Club, Starf*cks, etc]; as well as pizza chains, fast food 'restaurants', bakery chains and bottle-shops like BWS, Vintage Cellars or Dan Murphys. If, however, someone asks about a specific product that your store stocks at a reasonable price, this rule is excepted. Only in comments, no separate posts please.

Image rules

Large images are to be placed behind an LJ-cut. Details on how to do this may be found in LJ FAQ. If a request to place an image under a cut is not followed, the post will be deleted.

General community rules

Don't flame. We encourage healthy debate, but name-calling and harassment will not be tolerated. Business owners, if someone posts a negative review, you may not respond negatively, or attack the original poster. Repeat trouble-makers will be banned from the community. On that note, don't call your waitress a stinkin' whore in your review. Be constructive and concise!
If you have a problem with a post or a user, please contact afi_havok or leggz by private message.
Check the tags! The tags will be updated consistently, with business names, cuisine styles etc. Look at the tags before asking any questions. Reviews are encouraged at any time!

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For more general info on Brisbane and it's happenings, please check out brisneyland. Brisneylanders are a treasure trove of information, and can offer plenty of great info, support and advice on Brisbane and it's surrounds.